We hope this newsletter finds you well. Fall is beginning to seem like a distant memory, and the holidays are knocking on our doors. Outdoor projects are starting to wind down as we prepare for our upcoming holiday events. Our annual Rombout Colonial Days Weekend took place on October 1st and 2nd. This year’s turnout was smaller than years past, however we always meet new people that are eager to learn from our resident and invited living historians. We have now completed the shed around our porta-john that we purchased last season and it fits right in with our other structures. We also completed the restoration of an old outhouse that came from the former Johnson Farm on Carpenter Road here in East Fishkill. The building had a new cedar shake roof installed, some new siding, and was repainted. Our annual members meeting was held on Saturday, November 5th and was attended by approximately 25 people. We did not hold board elections that day. They will take place at our Christmas Open House on Sunday December 4th. On Saturday, November 10th we hosted a paranormal investigation featuring The Haunted Collector, John Zaffis, presented by Full Moon Paranormal based out of Middletown, NY. The sold-out event was attended by 36 paranormal enthusiasts, 7 EFHS staff, and was a fundraiser for the East Fishkill Historical Society. Is our property haunted? Let’s just say that there were a lot of interesting goings-on that evening. We plan to have Full Moon Paranormal back this coming spring. Please visit with us soon. We are looking forward to seeing you this upcoming holiday season!

As always, please consider volunteering and maintaining your membership if you haven’t already. Your support helps us continue with our mission, and host our community events. History Matters!

Rick Soedler
Site Director

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